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We are a stroller rental company in Marrakech

Knowing that a birth stroller is an equipment used for a short time (10 to 12 months maximum). Spending a lot of money to buy it, using it for a short time, then getting rid of it is a real waste of money.
This is the reason why we have taken the initiative to offer the rental service of strollers, travel beds or car seats for new parents.

The idea of ​​renting your stroller is not new, it has existed in France for example for years and it has proven its effectiveness in meeting the needs of most new parents.

Recently adapted to Morocco in particular to Marrakech by our company. We have world famous stroller brands, to guarantee absolute comfort for the well being of your baby.

To guarantee our growth and provide quality service. initially focused on the rental of strollers, car seats and travel cots. As we go along, we want to expand our range of products in order to offer other types of childcare equipment in the future.

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